I just got positive e-mail conformation on my table reservation, so I WILL be at Further Confusion in 2010! This will be my first time going all the way out to Cali for this con, and I am extremely excited :D I want to start working out flights & hotels as soon as I’m able to, just to get that planning out of the way. I’ll aso need to send in the paperwork for my Cali seller’s license between now and then. But hey, I’m going to Cali! :D

I’m also getting an info packet soon for the Baltimore Comic Con (www.baltimorecomiccon.com), which is held Oct 10th-11th. I’m not 100% on that one yet, it’ll depend a lot on how much a table will cost. But I’m looking forward to go to some non-furry cons once the first year BPD book is out, and Baltimore was a really nice con when I went last year. So we’ll see.

I’ll let you guys know more information for any convention appearance I’ll be making as soon as it’s settled. ^_^