Do you play World of Warcraft, or are thinking of picking it up? Are you looking for an awesome epic-tastic guild to settle down in? Well I’m not sure about “epic”, but there IS a new BPD themed guild: DEMON SANDWICH!

It’s horde-side on the PvP server “Spirestone”, and anybody who wants to join is welcome. It’ll be pretty casual and laid back; if people want to raid down the line, that’s cool, but I won’t be drilling raiding on a schedule or anything. Been there, done that! (I’m also trying to get an Alliance branch going on Spinebreaker, but I still need 3 charter signatures before that one’s officially open.)

I play very sporadically, but when I do it’s usually on my goblin hunter “JudyBoom”. If you see me or any other “Demon Sandwich” guild member online, ask for an invite!