Hey guys! I’ve decided that, on the last Tuesday of every month, I’ll do an impromptu Q&A session where you ask me (OR any BPD character) questions, and I answer a few of them. I’ve done the character Q&As in the last couple books, and it’s always a lot of fun to do.  I figured this would be a good way for you guys to get some of those burning questions you’ve been DYING to ask off your chest!

This week’s questions come from Twitter! Let’s get started, shall we?


Q: “How will the new process and schedule affect Book 5?” -@Jaeger74

A: The short answer is “hopefully for the better.”

The biggest changes I anticipate will be the book format will change from a landscape to a standard portrait layout, to accommodate the taller comic pages.  New format means new cover designs and more landscape for cover art, however they won’t fit in a nice neat row with the previous 4 book.  I’m considering reprinting all 4 books into 1 mega collection down the line, for those people who don’t feel like buying 4 books at once to catch up.  But we’ll see what happens with that when the times comes.

The other big change will be that I am planning to, for the first time, including COLOR inside the book.  This is mainly because I plan to print all of the bonus PDF comics in the books, all of which will be in color.  This also means I’ll be looking into a new printer; Lulu just isn’t cost-effective when it comes to color printing. While not something that you guys will have to deal with directly, it could mean preorders earlier in the year and possibly higher quality books.  This also means the price will likely go up, but I will do my absolute best to make sure they stay affordable.  Again, we’ll see what happens when the time comes.

Other than that though, not much else should change.  My goal is still to have one new book every year during the summer, and provided nothing horrible happens between now and then, that will still be the plan.


Q: Inix, have you been forced to find work since your recent expulsion from the position of Elder? @DraegWolf

A: I think we will let Inix answer this one.  Inix?

Inix – Oh, you ask me if I have acquired mundane employment since I was…. erm, let us say I was given a temporary leave of absence.

Max – You were kicked out. Don’t lie to them.

Inix – I am not lying! I was merely-

Max – And to answer the question (since we all KNOW she’s just going to dance around it like a politician), No. She doesn’t have a job. She continues to squat in our building, doing absolutely nothing all day. And I’m fairly certain she’s stealing leftovers from my fridge.

Inix – That is absolutely not true!  Despite being removed from the Circle of Elders, I still uphold my duties to protecting and guarding my designated realm from chaotic magic. Without my efforts, you and the entire east coast of this country would have long ago been corrupted by dark energies, torn from this mortal plane and plunged deep into the heart of the nether, where demons and evil spirits would have had their way with the lot of you.

Max – And do you get paid to do that?

Inix – I hardly see how that is relevant.

Max – Do you get paid?

Inix – Well, No. I receive no financial compensation for my efforts.

Max – So it’s a hobby then. Or at least volunteer charity work.

Inix – Must you oversimplify it so grossly?

Max – Just making sure you don’t get too full of hot air that you blow away, twinkle toes.

Inix - SIGH….


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