Hey, guys! I’m sure many of you might already be aware of this fact, or at least might be suspecting it’s truthiness, but I wanted to let you all know that I will in fact be at Anthrocon next weekend, June 15th-17th!

“What the heck is Anthrocon”, some of you might ask? Well, I will tell you, because if you’re asking this you clearly don’t frequent any furry-oriented websites. Anthrocon is an annual convention in Pittsburg, and just so happens to be the BIGGEST anthropomorphics convention in the US (possibly the world? I’m not sure, someone will have to fact-check that one for me.) Artists and Dealers from across the country and the world travel to attend, sell their wares, hold panels, give performances, and generally have a pretty dang good time. And yes, some of them DO dress up in animal costumes (we had over 800 last year, out of the 4,400 attendees.)

I will be at table L5 all weekend, selling my books (including the new Tatersaurus Rex) and all the new shirts, plus stickers, patches, and more. Plus, if you get to my table early enough, I’ll also be doing paid sketches and badges, so you can get some original, custom, JUST FOR YOU art. I also have some original artwork up for sale in the art show/auction, so make sure you swing over there and check that out too.

Just look for this banner….

…or just find me on the map!

So if you’re in Pittsburg and are feeling adventurous, come out to Anthrocon and come say Hi!