Hey guys! I have returned from Anthrocon, and I had a BLAST! Huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my table and said hi, you guys were awesome. ^_^ I don’t have a huge long blog post summarizing my experience for you guys (mostly because it would amount to “Sat at my table all day, then drew all night. Then did it again the next day”), so instead I have a couple videos I shot at the con to share with you!

This is Sardyuon, a fursuiting juggler and acrobat from Japan who was one of the Guest’s of Honor this year. I didn’t get to see his main performance, but I did manage to catch him doing a bit of street performing on the last day.

This is the ENTIRE fursuit parade, as shot from my dealer’s table. There were 1,044 costumes in total in the parade, and the video itself is 18 minutes long! As a scavenger hunt, let’s see if you guys can find a few things:
* Solid Snake
* Terrance and Philip
* A very unfortunate Fluttershy and Rarity
* Where’s Waldo??
* Swat Kats
* A giant Waffle
* Free Hugs (at the cost of your life)
* Panda who has developed a taste for Bacon
* A cookie in a pouch
* at least 3 “cheaters” (in the parade without a costume)

Anyone else you can find? See a suit you think is particularly awesome? Post it in the comments!