Hey, guys.

Since you guys have been SO patient and SO supportive in spite of me being absent for so long, I want to get back into doing some art for you guys. I have decided to do some good-will free drawings for 3 people.

HOWEVER!!!! There is a catch…..

Because I am doing this in the spirit of giving, I’ve decided that anyone who is interested must nominate one friend that they would like to receive some free artwork. If you someone who you think is awesome and deserves some awesome art, than make a post below and tell me exactly why you think they should get something.

You can NOT ask for art for yourself, nor are you allowed to beg and plead and demand your friends come here and nominate you (if I discover that someone is doing that, they will be disqualified!) I also will not be bribed with trades, money, or “I’ll be your BFF 4evar”s.

This is about being generous and kind to someone you think deserves some cheering up, or a thank you for something they did for you, or congratulations for some achievement, or any other reason you think someone should get some art.

If you would like to participate, your post should look like this:

Friend’s Name:
Reference Image/Photo(s): *up to 3, and should be SFW; You are also allowed to request BPD-related artwork!
Why they deserve free art:
Your E-mail:

I’ll keep submissions open until Friday (the 24th), so don’t wait too long!

I am also asking for submissions on FurAffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3772605/); while this is a separate call-to-arms so to speak (meaning I will be picking 3 people from each place), applying in both places will NOT double your chances. I just wanted to make you aware of this, in case you would prefer to apply in one place vs the other.