Broken Plot Device is a geek-centric comic which pokes various aspects of nerd culture – science fiction, fantasy, video games, comics, movies, tabletop games, roleplaying, furries, and more – with a +5 stick of Parody.

The story takes place in an east-coast city of a fictional, alternate universe where robots, giant monsters, ninjas, and other aspects of cartoon and fantasy not only exist, but have affected the development of the world around them. The comic focuses on the residents of the Byron Factory apartments, an old book printing factory from the turn of the century that was recently converted into apartments.


Liz is a struggling artist and cartoonist just trying to get by. A bit naive with an overactive imagination and a tendency to get distracted easily, she still has a bit of growing up to do. Her generally easy-going attitude means most people usually get along with her, even if it’s just so they have a quiet ear to rant to. As long as she has a steady flow of coffee, readers for her comic, and the ability to pay her rent on time, she’s content; though she rarely gets all three at the same time.


Overly opinionated and sarcastic, Max has little trouble telling you exactly what she thinks of you, and cares very little about repercussions. She calls it “brutal honesty” and “tough Love”, but some call it “being a Bitch”. She has little success holding a job for very long, but she doesn’t seem to care. She has a passion for Photography but without the desire to taint her hobby by pursuing a career with it. She’s known Sid since the two were in high school, and considers him like a big brother. She considers Liz to be sort of a “Pet Project” and tries at any chance to get her to grow up.


Always outgoing and an all around a good guy, Sid tends to put his friends first more often then not. He is often looked at as a bit of a playfully bad influence or instigator of odd events. Maybe a little too fanatical about what he is currently hyper-focused on, be it music, physical fitness, or what have you, he is the houses Jack-of-All-Trades (though often too A.D.D. to apply it productively). Be it from his past exploits growing up with Max, working nights as security for a local music venue, or just ranting, Sid always seems to have a good tale to tell.

Inix Tasma Maria-Jade
Eastern Dragon

The resident Mystic, Inix has had little contact with “normal” society over the last 50 years, at least until the Byron Factory was bought out and converted into apartments. While not immortal by any means, she is extremely old, though it’s probably wise not to ask just HOW old. The building residents know very little about her beyond the fact that she seems to enjoy teleporting herself into their apartments at inappropriate moments. Her actual dwelling is a cave deep below the building where she “monitors and balances the delicate rivers of magic that flow through mother earth”, though few people take her seriously enough to really ask her about it.


One of the older and more reserved residents, Zig keeps mostly to himself. He’s a tech wiz with a knack for tricky programming and engineering with an interest in robotics. He has done work on commission for various companies, the most recent of those being the well-known toy company DuxCo. He doesn’t see much of his neighbors, and has only recently begun making friends with Liz and Sid. He spends most of his time working, playing video games, or talking to companions he programmed himself. For an iguana, he gets entirely too little sunlight.


If you looked up “ego” in the dictionary, you’d probably see a picture of Sylver. He cares about very little beyond flashy cars, loose women, and keeping his hair looking good. He’s been living off a sizable trust fund that his uncle had left him, under the hopes Sylver would use it to build a respectable business and life for himself. Sylver uses it mostly as an excuse not to have to work and to spend more time practicing his pick-up lines. He is far more athletic and tough in his own mind than in the real world. Anyone who tries to tell him different obviously has no idea what they’re talking about. The only one in the building who can tolerate him is their landlord, since he’s the only one who manages to pay his rent on time.


Sunny is a bubble of sunshine and a country girl with a dream of big city life. She is nice to a fault and is quick to smother friends with gifts and assistance whether they need it or not. She enjoys “down and dirty” activities, whether it be working in construction or enjoying hobbies like archeology, ceramics, and car mechanics. She loves the sun and outdoor activities, but because of her species is in a constant battle against sunburn and eye strain. She lives in the basement of the Byron apartments because of this, which may end up causing more problems than it’s worth…


Rex is a little bit of a horn-ball, but you really can’t blame him; he’s a slave to his programming. Really, Rex only wants love & affection from those around him (particularly the females), he just can’t quite make the right circuit connections to know how to act properly. He was created by Zig for his employer to retail as a children’s robo-pet. Hopefully, with a bit more tweaking he’ll be ready to hit shelves without the prospect of some nasty lawsuits.


Phil is quite possibly the worst ninja in existence. He works for the Freelance Academy of Ninjas (also known as “F.A.N.”) based out of Kyoto, Japan. No one really knows how he got into F.A.N. or why they keep him around, but it’s most likely for those cheap clients who can’t – or won’t – pay for a ninja that can actually do their job. Phil’s current mission is to investigate Zig’s robotics projects and report back to his superiors, all the while trying to stay out of Sid’s way.

Rodney Brunowski
Grey Rat

Rodney bought the Byron Print Factory in the early 90′s and has spent most of the following decade converting it into a livable (mostly) residential building with a dozen or so apartments. He considers himself a handyman, and would rather fix something himself than call some “professional”. No job is too big; and if it is, he calls one if his siblings or cousins. He lives alone a few blocks down from the Byron building. With the frequency he checks on his residents though, you wouldn’t know he didn’t actually live there.

More Bios to Come


* Is this a “Furry” comic?
In the sense that the characters are anthropomorphic animals, yes. I chose animals instead of humans since the general content of the strip and it’s universe seemed to lend itself better to having unrealistic characters.

* How long have you been doing comics?
I’ve been seriously practicing my cartooning since I was a freshman in high school, around 1997. My first attempt at a webcomic was in 2003 while I was in college, although I wasn’t able to keep it going because of my demanding class schedule. At this time, those strips are not currently online. Broken Plot Device started in early June of 2008.

* Where else can I find your work?
The main spot is my personal art gallery at, which features a selected portfolio of my most recent and best work. You can also find some of my older work, as well as sketches and commissions, at either or at

Have a question you’d like to add? E-mail me at LizardbethArt @ Gmail dot com!