Every year, everybody makes new year’s resolutions they almost always break by february. I’ve been making them myself, and I can’t remember keeping any of them (of course, I usually forget what they are BY february, which of course doesn’t help.) However, this year I’ve picked a somewhat conservative one which, I think, I might actually keep, and I’m posting it here so I can be held somewhat accountable.

My resolution is that I will do at least 1 piece a month 100% for myself. ¬†I do so much work for other people, between commission work and the webcomic, and put so much effort into entertaining and pleasing others that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to just sit down and draw what I like and what I want. I can count on one hand the number of pieces in the last year I’ve done without any thought to their commercial viability or what others would think about them. Not that I don’t enjoy the work that I do and appreciate all you guys who read the webcomic every week, because I truly do love it! ¬†However, every so often I do need a break to indulge my own creative… umm.. brain farts, and sometimes I need to force myself to do that without allowing myself to feel guilty.

For those who would like to keep tabs on me to make sure I am in fact following through, OR if you would just like to check out my artwork (some BPD-related, some not), you should go to my DeviantArt account (http://lizzie-bean.deviantart.com), as well as my personal portfolio site (http://www.lizardbeth.net), though the latter of which may not be updated promptly as I finish each piece. Either way though, I do intend to do whatever it takes to actually follow through with this, since all work and no play make Lizzie go Crazy…. and Lizzie has been All Work for quite a long time now. ;^_^

Wish me luck! And polite pokings, if you feel like it.